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Integrated Features + Benefits
Market Focus
Small, real-time Internet tests focus marketing initiatives.
Small, rapid Internet tests provide intelligence to determine buyer interests and continually fine-tune marketing messages as the community transitions and matures to latter stages.
Lead Generation
A clear view into the minds of sales leads. Increased customer interaction, satisfaction and sales conversion.
Fully customizable online registration forms are available for websites, social media sites integration and mobile devices. The most promising leads are automatically sorted by level of interest and participation and sent immediately to sales agents.
Lead Management
Personal connection with customers goes beyond data to develop an emotional intelligence not found in any other system.
Comprehensive capabilities include: centralized management of incoming leads, instant auto-response, sales team notifications, scoring and routing, assignment, analytics, opportunity tracking, logged contact history, reminders, note management and calendaring. ROI Genius brings high-potential prospects closer-to-closure faster.
Interactive Permission Email
Personalized emails let you interact with customers naturally and persuasively.
ROI Genius database is sortable to create personalized, micro-targeted email messaging. Links enable instantaneous interaction between agents and prospects, which increases the effectiveness of building genuine relationships.
Social Media Integration
Increases awareness and establishes your brand; rallies a community of supporters.
ROI genius fully integrates with social media sites, including integrated Facebook registrations and marketing outreach, further increasing reach and lead generation. Customers share their experiences with Facebook friends, creating community buzz.
Post-Sales Customer Retention
Customer satisfaction enhances your reputation and helps boost sales.
Communication with buyers continues after the sale, increasing return purchases and recommendations. The ROI genius solution allows for a systematic methodology to maximize interest list retention for future projects.
Integrated Flexible Line Item Budgeting
Real-time cost management lets you accurately categorize all associated costs accurately.
End-to-end management of all activities from lead registration through a final purchase provides ROI intelligence for all intermediate activities and their costs compared with results, enabling fine-tuning management of all outreach.
Cross-Platform User Accessbility
No new hardware or software required.
ROI Genius works with any desktop computer and is fully functional on mobile devices including iPads, Android tablets and iPhones. All communication is SSL secure and industry-standard privacy measures are in-place.
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